The process of capturing new markets implies the performance of a large number of commercial actions that tend to achieve the settlement of the business, the brand and the product in the country of destination.

Moreover, and to successfully capitalize this actions, it is necessary to create the appropriate legal structures that will serve as support for the development of the business in the foreign market.

Our involvement at this stage consists on assisting the Client in all the formal and practical aspects that give way to the Business Positioning.

And for this, we can offer you the following services, among others:


Settlement and Registration of Companies: This service includes, as an example, the following:

  • Management of the legal and administrative tasks that tend to the settlement of the company.
  • Proxy and Representation Tasks of the Company before public and private entities.
  • Registration of the Company at the different public and private entities, according to the regulations of the country of destination. 


Operations’ and Administrative Management during the Settlement Process: It includes the different steps necessary to achieve the commencement and development of the business’ activities of the Company. Among which, we can find:

  • The facilites of the Client at the new market: Celebration of Lease Agreements for offices, furniture and other infrastructure services that are needed in order to establish the new branch.
  • Management and/or assistance in their RRHH needs: For this purpose, we work with a group of Consultants in Human Resources who help us in the process of hiring and negociation of the new staff.