This Business Division offers consultantship services and support on varied subjects related to the scope of business finances, among others.


FOREIGN TRADE FINANCING: This has been, historically, our Core Business. We offer support to our clients to procure of better credit facilities for their foreign trade transactions. For this purpose, Sudafi offers its important network of Financial Entities who trust in us as a referral of business. We invite you to learn more about the Funding Structures that are commonly used in the financing of this type of business.


INVESTMENTS FINANCING: We advise our clients in the funding structure of their projects, both at a domestic and foreign level. We invite you to learn more about the Funding Options with which we work,

MERGERS AND ACQUISITIONS: We advise our clients during their processes of acquisitions, sales or mergers. In particular, we assist them in the search of international counterparts, both in Brazil and Argentina, which widens their spectrum of alternatives.


BUSINESS RESTRUCTURING: Our experience and knowledge allows us to advise our clients on the improvement of their financing profiles and its both administrative and  operative structures.