SUDAFI is not only formed by its partners and colleagues, but also by a wide network of Business Associates and Associated Consultants.



  • Gustavo Ameijeira: Public Accountant formed at Universidad de Buenos Aires (University of Buenos Aires), he is to this day the Managing Director of SUDAFI. He has been in the financial market since the 80’s, and has a wide experience in the Corporate Financing business. Gustavo worked in Citibank for over 13 years, and acquired his experience through his acting in different areas: operations, administration, commercial, and credits, until he became VP for the Argentine Division of Emerging Local Companies. He also was the COO (Chief Operating Officer) for Banco CMF of Argentina for more than 4 years. During this last years, he has been dedicated to the business advisory, mainly Coporate Finance oriented to Foreign Trade, both in Argentina and in Brazil. Moreover, he is a member of the Board for other companies in the region. 
  • José María Comparini: Public Accountant formed at Universidad de Buenos Aires (University of Buenos Aires), he Director at SUDAFI. Ovar last 30 years he has been involved by giving advisory in different kind of business as logistic, agriculture and foreign trade. During that period, he worked almost 20 years at Grupo Bunge in different areas both in Argentina and Brazil, and was a member of the Board of several companies of said Group. After that, he was Director of Armazens Gerais Columbia (a company that then belonged to Grupo Esteve) where he acquired a broad experience in the Administration and Custody of Guarantees for Third Parties. 


ii.      Business Associates: This network is formed by external Companies and Professionals which are independent from SUDAFI, with whom we are exchanging businesses, opportunities and services, thus creating an important network of activities that feeds, nurtures and strengthens the process of origination and administration of our businesses. 


iii.      Associated Consultants: SUDAFI works with a select and well-known group of external consultants both in Brazil and in Argentina. Their members contribute with their expertise in different areas, and this complements the services we offer.