SUDAFI owes its name to the abbreviation of the term “Sulamérica das Finanças”, which identifies our target market and scope of business.

  • The origin of our company dates back to the 2002[1] when, as a consequence of the economical and financial crisis reigning in Argentina, a group of bankers, including Mr. Gustavo Ameijeira, created a Financial Consultant Company, in order to help local SMEs to finance their Foreign Trade business.
  • By the end of 2003, we decided to expand our geographical business scope to Brazil and the others Mercosur countries.
  • 2005 was very important for all of us.Because our business growth in Brazil, we decided to move our HQ in 2007, in order to be more focused in our business generation there.


Today, we proudly share our history, which is a direct consequence of our behavior in business since we….

  • Always trust in our Mission in business.
  • Being always consistent with our professional Vision and our service's objectives; and
  • Never break our Corporate Compromises, even when we had to face very difficult scenarios.


This way of doing business is demonstrated by…

  • Our direct and indirect participation in Corporate Financing Transactions for over USD 500M during the past 10 years.
  • Been considerated as a reputed professional and referral for many Financial Companies around the world
  • Generates an important Client Portfolio, who reques our advisory in different matters.


[1] Operating then under the name of Financiaciones y Servicios (Financing and Services, a.k.a. FISE), nowadays discontinued.